CranioSacral Therapy

The Purpose of this work is to create an open heart, a clear head and a free body- Hugh Milne

CranioSacral Therapy brings together the healing practices of Eastern Medicine and Western,  addressing both the physical body and the inner Spirit. Using a gentle, highly-trained touch, the practitioner detects and restores the natural rhythms of the CranioSacral System and calms the Nervous System. This allows the body to unwind and find its optimal alignment. As the physical body realigns itself, the body begins to relax and consciousness begins to reach deeply meditative levels of stillness. The experience of receiving CranioSacral goes beyond relaxing – the outward healing of the body is joined with an inward journey uniting body, mind, and spirit.

Jen has developed Living Stillness CranioSacral Therapy to combine BioDynamic CranioSacral Therapy, Intuitive readings, yoga/ meditation, and lifestyle & wellness consulting to create a well-rounded healing experience appropriate for almost anyone.

CranioSacral Therapy combines sensitive, hands-on bodywork with meditative use of the inner eye and inner ear of both the practitioner and client on the table. Techniques are drawn from three principal traditions: osteopathy, energy work and Taoism.

CranioSacral work is a supremely gentle approach. It honors both the analytic understanding of how things happen and the intuitive perception of how things really are. Combined, not only can the body be touched, but the soul as well- thus REAL healing can occur.

The cranium has been the very symbol of humanity for hundreds of thousands of years. “Sacrum” has its etymological root in “sacred” with this understanding of the bone originating in the mystery schools of Egypt, Greece, Rome and Hindu yoga traditions. Healing work with the cranium and sacrum has existed since these ancient times and has been passed on through both medical and esoteric lineages since.

- Adapted from The Heart of Listening by Hugh Milne

Living Stillness CranioSacral Therapy is based on my thorough knowledge of cranial and sacral anatomy, focusing on the structures of the skull, spine and sacrum. My approach includes applying sensitive mechanical pressure along various parts of the spine as well as the head, which can lead to an improvement of position and motion of the specific bones.

A session focuses on reaching a point of calm and stillness, as all healing occurs at the ‘stillpoint’. I like to call this work ‘partner’ or ‘assisted’ meditation: through my guidance and listening, I lead you into a point of stillness, where you can listen to your own heart, body and soul in order to heal any trauma or pain you may feel.

In Living Stillness CranioSacral Therapy the healing process comes from within YOU, the client. One may feel deep relaxation and become aware of subtle alterations such as tissue release, heat, tingling and energy. CranioSacral Therapy is very much an experiential exploration which encompasses mental processes, feelings, emotions and their physical manifestations.

The actual experience of receiving CranioSacral varies from client to client and from session to session. Sometimes sessions are very calm and still, with the client drifting into an altered state and daydreaming throughout. Most sessions involve some amount of slow movement called unwinding, where muscle, connective tissue, and bone gently release their holding patterns. Some sessions involve emotional or energetic release, which may manifest as temperature changes in the body, an unexpected surge of emotion, or even the vivid recollection of memories long forgotten. Every client is unique, each body has its own experiences of holding, and each session will be different.

The end result is an overwhelming sense of well-being and a deep sense of the Self having been Seen. You leave feeling freer in your body and with a clearer understanding of what your deeper Self needs in order to heal.

Immediately afterwards, you may feel tired, energized, deeply emotional, or incredibly hyper and happy- the experience varies from person to person and session to session. Most clients need some “grounding time” before they drive. Since the effects can vary from session to session, I highly recommend scheduling in alone-time after to walk, journal, have a cup of tea, etc. – it’s best to not have a long drive, meeting/audition, or big family get-together to run to while still processing the after-effects.

You will be fully clothed through out the session. Please wear comfortable, loose-fit clothing. Yoga clothes are ideal.

This modality is a process, and is best experienced as an Initial Consult with follow-up visits. Weekly visits are highly encouraged, or we can work together to figure out the best series to fit your goals, lifestyle and budget.

Common reasons for seeking CranioSacral Therapy include:

• To achieve DEEP relaxation
• To promote wellness and integration of the Mind/ Body connection
• Tinnitus/ Ringing in the Ears
• Bells Palsy
• Relief of Headaches- including migraines
• Head, Neck, Back or other Trauma
• Chronic Fatigue/ Low Energy
• Insomnia
• Chronic Neck and Back Pain
• Digestive Problems
• Depression and Emotional Difficulties
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Facial Specific work to restore one’s face to youth and radiance
• Pre- and- Post-Partum work- with specific difficulties or for overall wellbeing of yourself and your child
• Spiritual Growth/ Ignition
• Tension/ Stress
• Health Maintenance
• For RELIEF and RELEASE of trauma, pain and blockages in your life

CranioSacral Therapy offered in our practice is NOT a medical practice. Treatment is only to improve your well being.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions in deciding what is right for you prior to booking. I am more than happy to assist you in figuring out how I can help you in the most effective way.